Fence Screening has come a long way recently. Please click the link to the left to see what the possibilities and modern designs can offer your project. 

Welcome Architects and Engineers. We understand what a pain it can be to design and specify a fence or access control that will work year around here in the Northland. Especially challenging if you need it to be unique. We have an entire custom fence division devoted just to developing new techniques and finding the best new products. You are not here to buy. You are here to discover what works and what doesn't. SAVE YOUR CUSTOMER MONEY by designing a project, companies like ours can understand and  implement without costly change orders or time killing RFI's. All of that just makes everyone look incompetent and wastes money. Thanks for looking and remember we are here to answer your questions. Feel free to call and discuss your issues or project while it is still in the design phase. 1 800 241 2309 ask for Scott or Caley or email scott.windorski@kellerfencenorth.com or caley.emerson@kellerfencenorth.com

Galvanized Posts- All too often we still see Full Weight pipe specified on jobs. Many lesser fence contractors will sub forein full weight pipe in place of domestic full weight pipe as there was considerable savings. The sad fact is that a lot of times fence installation is toward the end of a project and the attention is not on what material the contractor is using. Coupled with the fact that to the untrained eye, all galvanized fence material looks the same, many consumers have grossly overpaid for the quality of pipe they are receiving. Mill certs certainly prevent this, but it is an added cost to the consumer and the general contractor who must process all the paperwork. WT-20 and WT-40 are great solutions to this problem. They cost less, are domestic and substantially stronger, not only per weight but overall as well. Click the links below to learn more.