If you have any questions we do have a retired firefighter that would be available. 

Here is a list of his certifications:

  • Firefightr 1 State Certified
  • Thermal Imaging Units
  • Top Ten Fire Scene Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Vehicle Extrication in the 21st Century
  • NIMS: IS-00700; IS-00200; and IS-00100
  • NFPA 1001 Firefighter 1 and II Course
  • Basic Pump Operations
  • Residential Fire Attack/HB-Level II (B)

In Landmark Decision, Keller Fence North Extends Warrantee to 10 Full Years! 

5.18.18 - "It really was an easy choice to make, after spending a measurable amount of time this past winter crunching the numbers and tracking our success ratings vs the national industry, I guess to even say I had a choice to make seems like a stretch." Keller Vice President Justin Holm exclaimed Friday. "We really focus on the conditions that our fence has to survive in, well as what its purpose is and as a result we have very few call backs, even measured over a 10 year period" 

That reality that Justin was referring to is something Keller North customers have known for the better part of our 26 year history.  Keller Fence is simply the best fence used in the best applications that money can buy. 

"Its kind of been our secret over the years, even when I worked here as a teenager for Steve." President Caley Emerson said quietly. "Everyone is so focused on the what side of the industry. What kind of fence is it? We have always spent more time on the "where did it come from" (Keller uses ONLY American Made material) and how do we install it so it will last."

All companies have access to most of the same material Keller does. But do YOU know where it came from and are they going to stand behind it for years and years to come? Call us today to learn more!

Keller Fence North is so pleased to announce the formation of our full custom division. Keller has always had the ability to create some really amazing custom fence solutions. We have finally taken that ability and invested into new products, tools and resources in order to better serve our customer’s needs.


“The problem wasn’t that we struggled with building really modern and amazing types of fence. The problem was the interruption it would cause to our regular operation.” said Keller president Caley Emerson on Tuesday.

We sell on the principal of providing the highest quality of material installed by professionals and backed by the longest warrantee. Something our customers have come to expect from Keller Fence. Custom Fences, create longer lead times for custom coating and increase labor time which caused a sizable disruption in the regular system. It was, in some cases, adding weeks to the wait time for our regular customers. That is simply not acceptable.

We set out to form new alliances, train our estimating staff and take the custom types of fence completely out of the regular system. Now we are confident that we can take the extra time necessary for the custom side without any interruptions to the rest of our employees and customers.

For more information, ideas, or a free quote, please contact us today!

5.14.18- The Keller Fence Family is so proud to introduce our newest team member, Barb Schultz. Besides being a great family friend to other members of our team, Barb has an extensive knowledge of the construction industry and management. 

"I feel our leadership team was already among the strongest in our industry. We also already employ more people then most fence companies and our pay is well above the average for fence companies our size nationwide" Keller President Caley Emerson said Monday. "The reason we felt so compelled to pursue hiring Mrs. Schultz, had as much to do with her management style and particular skill set as anything. We have made so much headway toward becoming the company we wish to be but during that process, we started to notice that the things we took for granted as already being done better then anyone, such as customer service, were beginning to suffer. Barb has already began to change that."

"I already feel I am among family and I can't wait to get up to speed on all the systems and really make a difference in my new home." commented Schultz. "My husband has been working for Keller for almost a year now after finding retirement to dull and we have been friends with the Emerson family for many years so this was a natural choice. "

"John (Schultz) has made such a difference in the process and just over all safety and cleanliness of the shop and yard." stated Jim Mullen Accounts Manger and Safety Director at Keller.  "We don't employ anyone that doesn't meet a very strict set of guidelines first of which is living by the golden rule. Heck , its posted on the wall in both the shop and office its so important. Barb exceeds the standards and I look her to make an immediate difference."

If you are interested in learning more or even speaking to our newest leadership team member Barb Schultz, please give us a call. One of Barbs main objectives is to get your questions answered right away. Office hours are M-F 7am to 5pm. 

HEre are just a few pictures to give you and idea of what we caould do with a link to many more ideas:

Some more Great news: In light of a recent tragedy that hit close to home, KEller Fence Company will be willing to inspect all smoke / fire alarms and change out batteries if need be along with your free quote. Keller Fence Company is officially a dealer / installer of the Nest smoke alarms. 

5.12.18 - Check out our newly named Fence Type Page!


Keller Fence Continues to Attract and Hire Top Local Professionals​