Introducing the new owner of Keller Fence Co North-Inc, Justin Holm. He has been employed with the company since 2012 and made his way to the top with a lot of hard work. Forming this new ownership with Justin will be James Mullen who is the Automatic Gate Technician and Scott Windorski who is the Lead Commercial Estimator!! 

The Keller Story

Keller Fence Company has Union crews on staff. We are an AFA member and AFA Blue Ribbon Company. We buy American and have the Best warranty in the Northland with 20 + years experience. 

Copyright 2018. Keller Fence Company North.  All Rights Reserved.   ​The photos on this site not all owned by Keller Fence and are simply a representation of what we can build. 

The Keller Fence Company Mission:  All of the products we sell are indistinguishable from those sold by our competitors.  What makes Keller Fence Company distinctive is our people and their focus on serving our customers in the most competent possible way.  We must orient everything about our business to our customer.  Toward that end, it is the mission of each person in the company to make our customers look good by bringing the right ideas and products together to create smart solutions to fencing and other security enclosure problems.  Our customer must sense this dedication and if we are successful in this when our customer think “fence” they will automatically think “Keller.”

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